COVID-19 UPDATE: Our plans during lockdown

Our COVID-19 plans

Latest Update: From 15th June 2020 we will be re-opening and making our gorgeous veils for you once again!

We’re so thrilled to be coming back! And hopefully many our fab boutiques will also able to reopen (with social distancing, of course) over the coming weeks.

We’re planning a phased return to ‘business as usual’ starting with just our head designer, Lynsey, as a one-woman show for the first few weeks. We will gradually be bringing back more seamstresses as the wedding industry finds its feet once again.

We still intend to work some of each day from home at first so our operating hours where we’ll be reachable at the studio are as follows:

Mon-Fri 11am – 2.30pm.

Thank you

We want to thank you for the incredible patience and understanding you’ve shown us during this crazy lockdown period. We’ve all been in completely uncharted territory, taking everything one day at a time. And I know it’s still a very scary time for everyone in the wedding industry as so many of this year’s weddings have moved to next year meaning very low incomes for most of us. Therefore we really will be so appreciative of every order that comes in for the remainder of 2020, and we want to thank you for supporting this small UK business.