New Year, New Website

TB18-07 fingertip length veil with satin edge

And coming soon…new veils!

Welcome back to a new year at Taylors Bridal Veils! We’re so excited to bring you our new website!

You might be thinking it looks exactly the same as the old website except your logins don’t work (yeah, sorry about that… Please reregister!). And you’d be right, it is outwardly very similar but oh-my-gosh it’s so much better for us here on the backend! Especially in the way we can handle your orders, send out invoices and edit them to add extra veils or make any changes you require.

So, yay!

We also wanted to let you know of our plans to add more set style veils over the course of the year. These will include more plain, beaded and lace style veils in all lengths from shoulder length to cathedral length, all proven to sell really well through our own bridal shop. And all able to be ordered online quickly, easily, and at any time of day!

So, that’s our little update. Enjoy the rest of January – hope your year has kicked off with a bang!